Apartment in Phnom Penh

Apartment in Phnom Penh

High GDP growth, rising middle income class, and US dollar real estate transaction has given apartment in Phnom Penh become one of the most highly sought after investment in the South East Asia. Since April 2010, new law has passed to allow foreigner to own property in Cambodia and over the years we have seen huge interest on foreigners investing apartment in Phnom Penh although majority of the buyer are still the local Cambodia themselves.

As foreigner, what are the procedure to own apartment in Phnom Penh

  • Passport
  • Able to own strata title
  • Able to own freehold property
  • Able to own residential and commercial property

What are the restrictions and what you cannot own as foreigners

  • Foreigner can only own 49% share of land
  • Foreigner can only own 49% share of any type of property which directly touch the land
  • Foreigner can only own maximum 70% of the total units of the whole development. E.g. you can only own 700 units out of 1000 units of condominium

Apartment in Phnom Penh title type

Soft title (possessory right) is based on the right of possession and is issued by the local village chief officials.

Hard title is registered with the Land Office, and trumps claims of ownership based on possessory right.

We highly advice you to get your hard title when you buy property in Cambodia to avoid any unnecessary dispute in the future. 4% of property price is payable upon completion of your property to get your hard title.

Property tax

For tax matters, please check our Cambodia property tax article for more detail

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    Top reasons why invest in Flatiron Cambodia

    • Freehold
    • Hassle free investment as it will be fully managed by developer
    • Very high guarantee rental return 85% (Apartment Hotel) and 95% (Grade A Office) over 10 years
    • Buy back option at year 10 by developer
    • All return and buy back in US Dollar – Not exposed to emerging market currency fluctuation
    • Developed by reputable experienced developer
    • Prime location at the Phnom Penh city centre – very near to Prime Minister Office and other minister offices
    • High growth of economy at 7% per annum
    • Affordable entry price only from USD 1xxK

    Flatiron Cambodia Phnom Penh

    High Rental Guarantee 85-95% + Buy Back Option

    The Peak Cambodia - Iconic apartment in Phnom Penh integrated with Shangrila hotel

    Reason why you must own The Peak Cambodia

    • Freehold
    • Best apartment in Phnom Penh which integrate with Shangri-La Hotel
    • Prime location surrounded by embassies, ministry offices, NagaWorld hotel, casino, and entertainment complex, AEON mall
    • Magnificent unblock river and city view
    • 2 level of hotel grade facilities
    • Affordable Luxury - Only From USD 1xxK
    • 12 % Nett Guaranteed Rental Return Over 2 Years For Residential
    • Up to 36% Nett Guaranteed Rental Return For Offices
    • First Mover Advantage - Cambodia Economic Growth average 7 - 8% annually

    The Peak @ Cambodia Phnom Penh

    One of its kind, apartment in Phnom Penh integrated with Shangrila Hotel

    The Peak @ Cambodia Office

    Grade A Office Below Shangri-La Hotel

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