Cambodia Property Tax

Cambodia property market is hailed as South East Asia best property investment destination. Supported by the economic growth which has performed very well over more than a decade, rising local and foreign investment to create jobs, rising middle class, and abundant strong workforce. The Cambodia property market demand and price is undoubtedly has picked up strongly. However, the Cambodia property tax still remain low therefore it creates the window of opportunity for investor who are looking for first mover advantage with high capital growth with lower currency risk because transaction is done using US Dollar.

Moreover, In 2010 the government has passed the law which allow foreigners to buy property in Cambodia with certain restriction. The policy states that foreigners allow to own properties in Cambodia which is not on the ground floor and for every condominium development there is a maximum cap of 70% condominium units allow to be acquired by foreigners. Foreigners are not allowed to own properties on the ground floor of the building neither they allow to own a land outright. Foreigners are allowed to own freehold and leasehold condominium in Cambodia as long as they do not violate those 2 restrictions.

Cambodia property tax - What are the taxes they are liable to pay

Same goes to every country, investors are required to pay tax for the property they own. There are few Cambodia property tax that investor should take note when they decide to purchase or invest in Cambodia property.

Transfer tax

Transfer tax is 4% of the property value and it is only payable upon the completion of the property. By paying 4% transfer tax, owner will obtain the "Hard title".

Rental tax/Income tax

If your intention to purchase Cambodia property for investment and renting it out, as a foreign investor you are liable to pay 14% of the gross rent per annum. Local needs to pay 10% of the gross rent per annum for the rental tax.

Cambodia property tax

Property tax on the is only 0.1% of the property value per annum. The value is determined by Immovable Property Assessment Committee.

Capital Gain Tax

Currently there is no capital gain tax imposed to individual, however if you are buying under company's name 20% capital gain tax is payable upon selling your property.

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