Myanmar Property Tax

Myanmar Property Tax

As Myanmar starts to open up its property market to foreigners, massive amount of interested investors are ready to take the first mover advantage opportunity. Understanding Myanmar property tax policy is one crucial factor that you must consider before making the move because it will part of the cost involved so that you can understand more about the cash outlay needed on your purchase.

Type of Myanmar Property tax

  • Rental income tax
  • Stamp duty on rental income
  • Capital gain tax
  • Stamp duty on sale of property
  • Annual property tax
  • Corporate tax (income tax and capital gains tax)

Myanmar rental income tax

The taxable rental income tax is derived from the gross rental income minus off income generating expenses.

Taxable Income, MMK, US$

Tax Rate

Up to 2 Million (USD 1,709)


2 - 5 Million (USD 4,274)


5 - 10 Million (USD 8,547)


10 - 20 Million (USD 17,094)


20 - 30 Million (USD 25,641)


Over 30 Million (USD 25,641)


Currently we don't have the full list of what are the expenses can be deducted as the market is still developing and just started opening up. We will update you once there is clearer policy being announced.

    Stamp duty tax on rental income

    Rental Period


    Up to 1 year


    1 - 3 year

    1.5% of annual average rent

    Over 3 years

    3% of annual average rent

    Myanmar capital gain tax

    Taxable capital gain is derived from sale of the property minus off property purchase price, acquisition cost and transaction cost from the sales proceeds. Capital gain are taxed at flat rate 10%.

    Stamp duty on sale of property




    7% of property value

    Outside Yangon

    5% of property value

    Annual property tax

    Myanmar property tax paid annually is derived from property annual value or annual gross property rent if it is leased unfurnished.


    Tax rate

    General tax

    20% of annual value

    Lightning tax

    5% of annual value

    Water tax

    12% of annual value

    Conservancy tax

    15% of annual value

    Corporate tax

    If you buy the property under company name, 10% income tax rate is applicable on the net rental income. Capital gain tax for corporate is generally subject to corporate income tax at flat rate of 10%. Taxable capital gains are calculated by deducting the following from the sales proceeds: acquisition costs and additional expenses, and any allowable tax deduction.

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