Stop Paying Rental And Be Home Owner

Attention: All PR In Singapore

Do you know how much money you have wasted over the years by paying rental to your landlord? Imagine your rental is SGD 850 per month, that is equals to SGD 10,200 a year.

Do you feel frustrated with over SGD 10,000 wasted every year without owning the asset at all.

For those who are married and those who plan to get married

Your rental cost will be higher! Average will cost you SGD 2,500 per month or SGD 30,000 a year! Unbelievable

Deep inside you know that you want to break free from this vicious cycle but each time you flip the papers or search in the internet, the property price is out of your reach

How much will the Singapore property price selling in 2018?

Singapore property price is getting more expensive next year with average selling price at SGD 1,700 per square feet. Which means 1 bedroom at 460 sqft will cost SGD 782,000. See recent news article below

So it is time to plan for your future and your family

Discover the LAST Hidden Gem condo which will be launching in 2017 at very Affordable Price

This will probably be your last chance to Own Your Home! Take action now or you will waste your money renting forever.

Give the best for yourself and your family

Singapore property price is forecasted by many analysts to increase starting next year (2018)

Benefit if you own your home

- Stop paying rental means that you will have more cash to be utilized

- Utilize your CPF to pay installment

- You own the asset. This is your savings which can be cash out in the future

- Better living experience for your family

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