London greatest cities

Top reason why invest in London property

London Property Investment

Top reason why invest in London property

The city of London

  • Global Financial Centre no 2 after New York
  • World richest ranked no 6th
  • 3rd highest number of billionaire in the world
  • Most populous city in England and UK
  • World renowned University in UK

The History of London Property price

  • Average property price double every 10 years

London property legal and tax system

  • There is no restriction on foreign ownership
  • No capital control on repatriation
  • Tax friendly system
  • Transparent legal structure

London Infrastructure

  • DLR
  • London Tube/Underground
  • Five International Airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and London City Airport
  • Upcoming Crossrail
  • Future High Speed Rail 2

Buyer/Investor of London property

  • Singapore is the top foreign buyer for London property
  • China and Hong Kong
  • European
  • Middle East
  • Russians

London property is the safe haven of the world. The inflow of money into London property is increasing when there is political turmoil in Europe, Middle East, and Russia.

London property market

  • Home in London continue to be undersupply as demand is greater than supply. This is the fundamental reason why London property price will keep continue to go up and it is a good news for investor
  • Decent rental yield and fantastic capital appreciation as rental and price keep increasing
  • Growing population: London population hits 8.6 million record high in February 2015 and it is continue growing.
  • Stable economy and political
  • UK capital gain tax for non resident starts to apply from 6th of April 2015 for individual as well as trust. 18 to 28% of capital gain tax will be applied depend on how much you gain.

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